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I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Actions are the basis of thought
How to open and use the SmartBoard Recorder
How to set audio for narrating with a SmartBoard Recorder
How to record a video with narration or without narration with
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Capture and import using Print Capture
Video Tutorials
As qualified Approved Training Providers (ATP) for SmartBoard we can also offer training. This can come as a correspondance course over the net or face to face training in your establishment. We can certificate you as ATPs.
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The five tutorials below will guide you through the many tools available in SmartBoard Notebook file. The tutorials take you step by step to making an interactive Snakes & Ladders numeracy game and in doing so enables the user to become more familiar with the tools in the new version of the software for SmartBoards.
N.B. These flash movies are bettered viewed once downloaded on to your pc.
1 Inserting a table
2 Changing the numbers
Flash File .swf
3 talking numbers
4 snakes
5 final snakes & ladders tutorial
On this page you will be able to access a number of video format resources - right-mouse click on the file you want and then left-mouse click on Save Target As...
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Jed Gosney
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